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Europe Says No
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Labour MP: Lisbon 'puts future of democracy at stake'

A former UK government minister has warned that the Lisbon Treaty threatens the future of democracy. Labour MP Gisela Stuart - who helped draw up the original EU Constitution, since renamed as the Lisbon Treaty - said that the Treaty breaches the fundamental democratic principle that voters can get rid of those in power ...

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Voices from Europe

Here are some comments from across the continent...

Leo Beata, Sweden
"To the Irish people, please vote "NO" .. for Europe, for a little bit of democracy, for sovereinity, for some power to the small countries...In Sweden we were promised exceptions when we were to vote for the EU-membership 14 years ago. Today they are all gone, and EU roles our lives and we just have to obey... For a peaceful future, please vote "NO" on friday."

Ninetta Donizetti, Italy
"Europe has been bullying Ireland for too long! It's time Ireland and its people were treated with respect."

Tim Spencer, UK
"Everyone in Europe should have the right to vote on this treaty. We are being treated with contempt. Where is the democracy in the EU?"

Gudrun Sievers, Germany
"All european People looked for Ireland because in Germany we can not speak for yes or no to die Lisbon Treaty. The Idea of EU is fantastic, but not enough democracy - but we can not vote! Many Peoples (80%) are not for die Treaty! in Germany! Good Luck for the Vote. Please say no!"

Lave Broch, Denmark
"Lisbon Treaty is the wrong way for Europe. The treaty does not make changes to EU's custom union towards the rest of the world and it strengthens the militarization of EU. It is also very undemocratic that only the Irish people got a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and it is even more undemocratic that the Irish no in the first referendum was not respected."

G. Kissamitakis, Greece
"IRELAND PLEASE VOTE NO!!! Greece, the place where Democracy was born, denied our right to vote!!! I ASK YOU TO VOTE NO to the LISBON TREATY ON BEHALF OF ALL GREEKS AND EUROPEAN CITIZENS!!!"

Martha Browne, Ireland
"An appeal to my fellow citizens, cast your vote correctly in the NO box. If not, it could be the last chance to vote for anything meaningful ever again."

Michael Webber, England
"I do not normally input into discussions such as this. I am a very ordinary British tax payer who sees that costs incurred by being part of the EU are increasing at an alarming rate and that we have little or no say in how this money is spent. Why does the EU want to control every minor aspect of our lives?? Do they not know about the financial difficulties that we all face in Europe and try to reduce the costs of this ballooning organisation? So no to Lisbon. Lastly, Tony Blair for Euro President?? Please God no!"

Jean Thierry, European Greens Council member 1998-2008, Denmark
"In Denmark we were promised a referendum on the EU constitution to take place on 27.september 2005. After the French and Dutch No-vote our referendum was postponed, and after the renaming to the Lisbon treaty the Danish referendum was cancelled entirely. It means we have had no chance to vote about it. It is not fair. The treaty will just be imposed on us if it is not stopped in Ireland."

Jackie Terry, England
"If the EU gave every country a vote then it could be a democracy. Ireland should vote NO for all the Countries who have been denied a vote."

Michael, Belgium
"Please, people of Ireland, vote no ..."

Simon Dempsey, UK
"I pray that Ireland will look long term and not at their present economical situation when voting on the 6th October. Voting No to the Lisbon Treaty / EU Constitution will give us in the UK some hope for our own referendum. The Irish No vote will also be a 'voice' for millions across Europe who have not been given the opportunity to have their say."

Kenneth, Ireland
"there has been no changes to the lisbon treaty,ignore the the scaremongers,we will not be thrown out of europe vote NO"

Nina, Denmark
"Where is the democratic part in forcing people to vote or deciding on their behalfs?
Please vote NO Ireland! At least you have a change of doing the right thing..."

Chris Williams, UK
"Until the present arrangements are reformed to work properly, democratically and without corruption, and are seen to be so, there should be no further development of the "European Project". The current structures and processes benefit only politicians and the bureaucracy elites."

Eric Barnes, Ireland
"I voted no the first time and will vote no again!"

Martin Collier, United Kingdom
"We should all be ashamed of the European Union. What sort of democracy makes its citizens vote again and again until it gets the answer wanted by the politicial elite? What sort of democracy uses taxpayers' money to bully the electorate into doing as it is told? Europe deserves better."

Susanne Sörensen, Sweden
"The Lisbon Treaty is neoliberal economic doctrine codified by law. It will severely deepen the recession. We all know what happened to the global economy after having practised this doctrine for a long while. It crashed. European economies will continue to crash even deeper with the Lisbon Treaty that will accelerate the downfall into hitherto unknown pit-falls."

Gabor Rosta, Hungary
"I Want To Vote Too!", Portugal
"With this second referendum they clearly say that they just neither care for the citizens nor for what the citizens look for. It's the same as if they were calling us stupids or ignorants (or even worse). When choosing for themselves they consider that a NO may be a YES or a MAYBE, depending on what advantages can be taken out of it - so they think everybody is just like the same. Irish Friends, once again we are asking you - PLEASE VOTE NO FOR US!"

Alwyn Carter, England
"Please Please Ireland, SAY NO, its up to you to save us all. We are not allowed to vote, although it was promised."

Vera Kozma, Hungary
"Vote No for us-the rest of of Europe who didn't have the chance to have a say! Please vote NO!"

Jean Bidel, France
"NON à ce maudit traité ; on s'assoit sans vergogne sur le volonté des peuples . NON à une véritable dictature qui se met en place ; NON à l'Europe du pognon contre les intéréts de nos sociétés"

Jan, England
"If a few million Irish don't have the right to decide on what happens to the rest of us, then why should just a few hundred Euro politicians be able to do so? ("...a few million Irish cannot decide on behalf of 495 million Europeans," German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble)"

Aisling, Ireland
"Never has the corruption of the Irish government and the EU superpowers been so evident as in this campaign. But the answer lies with the people - what is right rings true. We shall, with God's help, once again deliver a resounding NO: we will not be bullied and we will NOT sign ourselves into a dictatorship. Oct 2 will be a day of victory."

Dr Bernard Juby, UK living in France
"The Maastricht Treaty should have died when it received a NO vote from Denmark.
The Lisbon Treaty should have died when France and Ireland said NO. What is it about these unelected bureaucrats do not understand about such a simple little word???"

F. Carton, France
"You are the last who can stop the Lisbon treaty. This treaty is the end of any nation and political independance. You will loose your destiny towards a impersonal and non-elected bureaucraty. We count on you !"

P.Williams, UK
"Ireland, PLEASE vote NO!!!!!! The ordinary peoples of Europe look to you to preserve democracy. There are 500 million people in Europe looking to the people of Ireland to keep us free. Be our saviours. God bless you."

Ema, France
"An Irish no is our only hope. Thank you for our courageous last No, again say no, you are right."

Ben, England
"No thanks to less democracy"

Derek Johnson, United Kingdom
"I want a vote on Lisbon! It is a flawed and anti-democratic treaty. Vote NO Ireland!"

Christophe, France
"This is nomore democracy. Stop mis-using this word our Greek ancesters were proud of!
The only advantage I see is that everyone now exactly knows what this Europe is made of (and for) and what to expect. Good luck to the Irish People!"

Laure-Line, France
"You are some of the last countries that are still free to vote for or against the Lisbon Treaty.
For you and for us, for your and our Liberty... please say NO ! French opponents to the Lisbon Treaty suport you ! ;-)"

Emmanuel Delhoume, France
"If you want to be free , you must say no. Paris see you. We hope in your vote for say yes to the democraty!"

Tony Woodcock, UK
"It makes me very angry to see the way the Brussels oligarchs are pushing around the smaller nations in the EU, like the Irish. And now they are hectoring and bullying the Czechs, too. Threatening unknown "consequences" if they hold up the CONstitution of Lisbon until they have checked it against their own constitution. What a travesty of democracy and freedom. I hope the Irish tell them NO meansd NO. They will do themselves a favour, but also speak for those of us who have not been allowed one referendum, never mind two!"

Ludvig, Sweden
"Please save us again Ireland! Be the voice of the European people!"

Harry Blaney, Ireland
"Hi I am active here in ireland with the No campaign. My late father was an MEP for many years. Neil T Blaney. We have always known where all the steps were leading us. This is the last chance for europeans to stop this grab of power over the people."

Keith Johnston, UK
"We must say NO to Lisbon. In UK we were denied a vote in spite of an election promise, but there are many more reasons than that"

Benjamin, France
"Try not to make the wrong choice: VOTE NO TO THE LISBON TREATY and reject it as we did it 4 years ago! All the free people of Europe are with you and thank you!"

Brian Varney, UK
"Come on ireland we are with you!!"

Maurizio Pasquali, Italy
"Please,Irish sisters and brothers,say NO to the Lisbon Treaty,because you have the power to save Europe and its democracy from masonry and burocracy!!!"

Richard Elsy, UK
"The democratic defecit is truly frightening and the history of financial incompetence and corruption should persuade any intelligent citizen that this is not the way forward for the people of Europe."

Bertrand, France
"Good luck, go to say No to Lisbon"

Stephen Trott, England
"I can hardly believe that Ireland is being asked to vote again "in order to get it right this time" - it reveals the contempt which the EU has for democracy. I hope there is an even bigger NO this time, so that the message is heard plainly right across the European institutions."

Elena Sargiotto, Italy
"The Lisbon Treaty jeopardizes many of the rights that were conquered by our fathers and grandfathers."

Katka Svobodova, Czech Republic
"No means no. Thank you Ireland."

Raf Verbeke, Belgium
"It's to late to think that Europe can be build without the people. No to Lisbon ! Up with the Irish !"

Chiara di Benedetto, Italy
"The EU must be democratic and transparent. We must demonstrate to them that we, the voters, will not grant them unchecked power through our ignorance and desire to conform and be considered socially acceptable. They must be responsible to us, not the other way around."

Justin Langford, Britain
"I can only hope and imagine that one day true democracy will exist. Let this vote be the beginning of this dream not the end... Vote No to Lisbon Yes to democracy."

Christine Wicht, Germany
"Please vote against the Treaty of Lisbon. As citizens of the only nation whose citizens have been given the right to a democratic vote on the treaty, your vote also represents the majority of EU citizens who have been denied that right. Let us work together across national borders for a truly social, just and peaceful Europe â a Europe that places the fundamental rights of EU citizens above business interests, and provides fair and honest security for workers, and protects them against poverty and social calamity."

James Smith, United Kingdom
"I have been denied a vote on this issue and it does not have my consent. If Europe is Democratic then let me vote!!!!"

Louise, Ireland
"I will not be deluded by 'guarantees' which are not legally binding, I will not be bribed, & I am not prepared to forfeit any more of the land, power & rights for which my forefathers fought so bravely for many years. NO TO LISBON."

Quest, Sweden
"The most fundamental aspect of any constitution is that it is widely supported by its members. The constitution draft was rejected because it did not have that support. Disguising it as an illegible treaty does not increase its support. There are two main consequences of the Lisbon treaty: 1) aggravating the democratic shortcomings of European countries by increasing the capacity of their executive branches to encroach the respective national legislature's power by increasing the number of areas in which the commission can write law, and 2) marginalising the grassroot proponents of EU in the debate about the road ahead."

Rhett Gates, UK
"The Lisbon treaty is an enormous threat to democracy and it is frightening that those who support it are so determined to push it through at any cost."

Bill, Cyprus
"Individual countries within will have surrendered their sovereignty and be powerless to oppose laws that are unfair . Why do we have all have to be joined at the hip and just use the EU as a benificial trading block."

Nestor Quintana, Galicia, Spain
"Defend your rights. We support you. You have already talked."

Vahur Orrin, Estonia
"If one country in EU has said no to Lisbon Treaty in its referendum then nobody has right to ask new referendum. Repeatable referendum is contradiction in terms and against all the good principles of democracy and European integration."

Dolores Jackson, Northern Ireland
"Thanks. No No No all the way"

Merja Renvall, Ãland (Finland)

Tim Perkins, UK
"The Lisbon agenda is identical to the policies that have created recession and cheap labour. It also creates an undemocratic Superstate. Let's raise our voices and keep our voice for democracy. Let's say NO."

Remy Cadier, The Netherlands
"I thought NO , meant NO , in Ireland as well as in The Netherlands!"

Erik Sillén, Sweden
"I can't believe that the democracy is diminished the way it is with the lisbon treaty and the way it's been pulled throgh. It's a shame for the modern world."

Ron Johnson (Revd.), UK
"We in Britain demand a referendum on this straight-jacket of a European "Union"!!! We presently have been highjacked into this "treaty" by a so-called politician named Brown, who couldn't care less about our human rights."

Colin Green, Scotland
"The biggest problem with the Lisbon Treaty is that it exacerbates the anti-democratic tendencies of the EU at the very time when we should be trying to reconnect people to politics and decision-making."

Ian Parker-Joseph, UK
"The people of Ireland will be speaking for the 496 million who were denied a vote, voting NO will win more influence and real friends amongst the ordinary people of Europe than you could imagine."

Lucas, France
"I really appreciate your action, as a French we have been stolen our NO, the Dutch and the Irish whatever be the reasons and they are not the same, the Lisbon Treaty is not acceptable."

Syd, Scotland
" could be the saviours of the EU by voting NO......again !"

Henrik Sultan, Sweden
"I wish I had the chanse to say no... but nooo.. GO IRLAND"

Thierry Jallas, France
"I hope irish people will confirm the NO that french people hav'nt been allowed to say"

Gavin Ayling, England
"If Ireland votes yes this time democracy will have been usurped by the afunctional EU. There's so much promise in the EU but no delivery because of its flawed institutions."

Valerie Lehmans, USA
"I don't believe the EU can ever be "democratic" enough, or how you can possibly expect people from one country to relate to being "governed" by totally unknown foreign entities, as in both the EU Commission and the EU Parliament."

Mandy Vincent, England
"Please Ireland, say no for all of us, we have not even been allowed to vote, I for one will never forgive Labour. so few, speak for so many, that is NOT democratic."

Kmicic, Poland
"Respect the Irish NO. Lisbon Treaty is no good for small countries."

Joe Gaskell, England
"This treaty will affect Ireland and the rest of Europe for the worse in my opinion. Ireland should stand by it's vote and vote No again. Don't be bullied by the EU!"

Henrik Boeck, Denmark
"I support a No to Lisbon."

Claudy Hemmler, France
"Please say no to this false treaty, say no first for your country, and then say no for all the others which can't have their voice heard, like France (I am french)!"

Raffael Trimmel, Austria
"No to the Lisbon Treaty ! !"

Siobhan Casey, Ireland
"I am so annoyed by the line "Vote Yes for Europe". "Vote Yes for Europe"? Or what? "Vote No for Ireland"?! Incidentally, I am voting no for Ireland >>and<< for Europe."

John Rose, UK
"There has to be referenda in every european nation and there also needs to be a proper dialog on what it is we are being asked to vote for. There are too many questions unanswered. What has an accelerated privitisation of the Health and Eductional spheres, the creation of an EU Foreign Diplomacy Corps and amongst other things the trampling of Unions got to do with a better, more efficient Europe?? I beg everyone to use their vote to send the mandarins in Brussels a message. We will not stand by and watch you turn our nations and peoples into part of a massive Federal Machine with no limits and no controls."

Olof, Sweden
"Vote no on undemocratic treaties and vote yes on a democratic EU!"

Eric Young, USA
"I Strongly support the "NO" vote!"

Mika Barz, Germany
"Go, Irish. Last year was good, i think you can do even better. Use your chance to reject!!!"

Cassandra Troy, Netherlands
"The Treaty of Lisbon was a golden opportunity to right the historical wrong which omitted to give the people of Europe the sovereignty that Americans have. As it is, we remain the subjects of ruling elites. What exactly in No you don't understand?"

Fiona Murphy, Ireland
"We said no the first time - nothing has changed since then - we want to retain our sovereignty as an independent republic - respect the irish referendum vote of No!"

Brian Peyatt, USA
"I support Liberty and Democracy, so I support!"

Paul, Germany
"Say no to lisbon! Our corrupt government didn't even ask us!!"

Simon OFlaherty, Ireland
"Same treaty hopefully the same outcome as our last referendum. although true democracy would mean we shouldn't have to vote again. As the people have spoken before and where not listened too."

Yasir Samir, England
"Please Ireland, if not for yourselves, say no for the rest of us who've been denied any voice at all. This is not democracy! "You can vote but the only answer we'll accept is Yes!" - How many "Yes" votes have been re-run? The arrogance of Brussels is unconscienable."

Massimo, Italy
"I hope irish people will take the right path: we do not nedd this Euro Bank Union..."

John M, England
"No means No, let them know that"

Daniel, Sweden
"No to the Lisbon treaty!"

Hans Nilsson, Sweden
"A no vote will not only secure a democratic Ireland. It will save democracy throughout Europe. I will go to Ireland on the 26th of September to show my support for all the people that dare to stand up against EU."

Rach, UK
"Please vote no so that we can have our promised referendum. Thank you."

Anthony Connor, Ireland
"if the government get their yes vote do we the NO voters get a chance to say"oh sorry u didnt understand what u were voting on, lets vote again" its very scary whats happening."

Daniel Karlsson, Sweden
"It's weird that you guys need to vote a second time just because you voted "wrong" the first time.. However you still got to vote wich makes your country the closest we get to a real democracy in the EU!! In Sweden we voted "wrong" in the referendum about EMU so then we didn't get to vote about the Lisbon treaty at all..... Our politicans want our tax money but they don't want to hear what the people have to say."

Rob Carroll, Ireland
"No to the same Treaty again!!!"

Jack Knights, UK
"Don't let the people of Ireland be taken in by the false promises of the EU institutions. Like the promised review of the CAP they won't happen!"

Jan Prusa, Czech Republic
"Please vote NO for the sake of the rests of democracy in Europe!"

Rauni Salminen, Finland
"thanks ireland, fir voting NO- keep up the good work ! wish we had been allowed to have a say, but no, they didn't allow us a vote... in finland."

Peter, Belgium
"if ireland say yes... will they make a third referendum???"

Rebekah, UK
"I cannot understand why any 'democratic' parliament would be willing to sacrifice its power and the power of its people to a select group of corrupt political elite. Please use the opportunity that we have been denied and say 'Yes' to an EU which looks after its member states and 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty!"

Alastair, GB
"I urge the people of Ireland to vote 'No' on their own behalf, but also on behalf of all those of us denied the opportunity to vote."

Maria, Denmark
"The Lisbon Treaty and what's been happening in Ireland over the past year proves that the European Union is everything but democratic! Vote NO Ireland! We all deserve better!"

Marvin Mizzi, Malta
"Europe is made up of different countries and such has to remain. The Lisbon Threaty undermines the independence of each individual country ...."

Pierce, Ireland
"I'm voting No to keep the unelected, unaccountable EU Commission's hands off Ireland's Foreign Direct Investment Policy."

Niklas Starow, Sweden
"Hey, Ireland! Did you know that they even break their own rules by first renaming it and then force you to vote again? When it was called "constitution", they said it was enough for one country to vote no, and the whole constitution would fall. Guess what, it didnt. CAUSE THEY DONT CARE! Now they claim you get to keep your commissioner.... If they can break that rule, what on gods earth will get them to keep these promises? Therefore. I call on the Irish voters. Vote for Ireland. Vote for all of us that was denied the choice. Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty Oct 2."

Lucy Brown, England
"European citizens deserve to have a say in their own lives and policies that span the EU are neither helpful nor logical when each country has individual needs. Say NO to the Lisbon Treaty."

Elisie Jonsson, Sweden
"I want power close to the people, not as far away from them as possible."

Alan Dourish, Northern Ireland
"The people in the Republic of Ireland are speaking for the majority in Europe - Vote No again and don't be dictated to!"

Dec O'Farrell, Ireland
"The (Irish) people have already spoken - no means NO!"

Jack, UK
"As a friend from the UK, it is so important that voters in Ireland seize this important opportunity to express their right to be a free, democratic nation. We have been denied such a voice, and so please do not be bullied into surrendering this opportunity that many millions wish they could share in too. Good luck!"

Robert, Poland
"Ireland please vote NO"

Matic Novljan, Slovenia
"We tried to have a referendum. A handful of us enthusiast picked over 2500 signatures for a referendum initiative, but they discarded them using illegal actions. this is how European countries do! Irish, our faith is in your hands. Save us, just say NO"

Guillaume Kalfon, France
"Imagine a country voting for new parliament and putting the opposition in power, but the incumbent majority then saying "ah, no , this is not the right choice this new majority will not take over and we will ask you to vote again later". This is exactly what the Irish are asked to do here. This is nothing less than the death of democracy. Vote No to save democracy."

Steenie Harvey, Ireland
"I vote no to try and address the imbalance for all those who aren't allowed a vote at all. What the EU has become bears no resemblance to the original Common Market. Most European voters did not sign up to the monster they have now got"

Mia Mårtensson, Sweden
"No no no and HELL NO! Come on Ireland! You can do it! Vote no to Lisbon again. It's a trap!"

Sam Butler, UK
"The Lisbon Treaty is an undemocratic move and is at best difficult to understand by the general populace. A resounding NO to this document and all that it stands for."

Lucia Laporte, Paris - France
"No for the Lisbon Treaty"

William Stringer, Great Britain
"The VAST MAJORITY of people in the UK would like a vote, and would say NO. That is why he has withdrawn his promise to give us one. Is that democracy?"

Nigel Evans, UK
"I cannot believe that Ireland are being hassled once again on a referendum by seems if you vote correctly (according to them) thats fine, but if you dare to vote against this undemocratic, expensive and bureaucratic bulldozer you are made to think is nothing short of bullying of the worst kind....."

Mark Dunne, Republic of Ireland
"The pure ignorance AND arrogance of the current Irish government is beyond belief, not a single comma or full stop has been changed in the treaty for the second run of it, all assurances they claim to have are false, if there was changes the treaty would have to be ratified in other EU member states. Say NO to lisbon (again)"

Paul Henri Cadier, France
"Lisbon proposes a Europe shorn of democratic legitimacy. The US Constitution begins with the words "We the people" ours starts with the words "Despite the people". We voted no on 29th May 2005 and we still stand by our decision."

Daniel Lindqvist, Sweden
"We need to show the leaders of EU that we demand that this union is a democratic one. The Lisbon treaty will not help the democratic future of EU, therefor we need to make sure it won't be forced through against our will."

Peta Jest, Canada
"Good on you Ireland, the very best of LUCK !!!"

Mikael, Sweden
"No to Lisbon"

Virginia Whinyates, UK
"I beg the Irish to stand by their first vote - not one word, not one dot of the original text has been changed for them, otherwise every country would have to go through the whole ratification process again. Be brave Ireland, don't be bullied into submission."

Colm O'Reilly, Ireland
"Although I will be voting NO for a myriad of reasons, it will be predominantly on behalf of the millions of European citizens that do not even have a say in the matter, what type of democracy is this?"

Frederik Sandberg Olesen, Denmark
"I want the EU to be a democratic place, for an of the people - but now, the EU won't listen to the people. So please, Ireland, vote no for me, a citizen in a country of the EU who were denied the right to vote."

Hugo, UK
"Forcing the Irish to vote again on a treaty they have already rejected is pure coercion. Europe's political elite are utterly deluded if they believe such bullying of a small country can be a foundation for sustainable democracy in our continent."

Lauha Halonen, Finland
"What kind of democracy is that nations are forced to re-vote to get it right this time? A: it is not democracy of any kind!"

Michael, Sweden
"Stop the Lisbon treaty, the future of the european democracy is in the hands of the irish people. Pleas vote no!"

Mikael Böök, Finland
"The Lisbon Treaty would break the tradition of Altiero Spinelli. If the Irish vote YES to Lisbon, a British Imperialist is likely to become the first President of the EU."

Håkan Eriksson, Sweden
"Aye to Democracy! Nay to Lisbon!"

Niamh O'Brien, Ireland
"It really worries me that this establishment will not accept an answer from us unless it is the right one, in their eyes! It worries me even further that the supposed elected body of this country has the cheek to waste value finances in our already cash stricken country to use it to promote a document that favours big corporations and not its citizens. VOTE NO."

Ville Saarinen, Finland
"In a couple of weeks, you vote on the Lisbon Treaty, yet again. Is the EU YOU want the type that disregards the will of the people? Makes them re-choose until they make "the RIGHT CHOICE"? I say "NO!" and so should you. SAY "NO" TO LISBON, AND "YES" TO DEMOCRACY!"

Thomas Lilley, UK
"The treaty is unwanted by the majority of Europe but we are not given a voice. Forcing the Irish people to vote again is a disgrace - they have already declared their democratic choice."

Richard Cavin, England
"Ireland, we are relying on you again. Please vote no."

Jean-Jacques Saldat, France
"Peuple irlandais vous à tes de nouveau notre espoir pour dire NON à cette europe technocratique et anti-démocratique. Nous autres Francais avons rejeté le TCE en 2005 et désormais on voudrait nous l'imposer sous un nouveau nom. Soyez notre voix!
Irish people you are our new hope to say NO to this technocratic and anti-democratic Europe. We have other French rejected the TEC in 2005 and now they want us to impose a new name. Be our voice!"

Alan Harwick, England
"The Irish have already voted NO. So UNDEMOCRATIC to try and force them to say yes and also to deny others their vote on this matter!!!!"

Andrea Masciavé, Germany
"Europe should be built in another way than with a Constitution approved by some politics. Give a chance to each country to vote it, and if citizens answer NO, then we should re-start the process, but in a better way. Say no to an Europe only for politicians and banks. Go Irland, do your job."

Eva Hadar, Czech Republic
"My country in 1918 fot her first proper independency, in 2009 we are asked to hand it back to EU....Hope Irland will say NO to that."

Trich, Ireland
"No to Lisbon in Ireland. We've already voted and said NO! Why are our politicans so arrogant in putting Lisbon before us again?? Power corrupts, absolute power, absolutely corrupts! I do not want to give Irelands power away and I don't not want to live in an united states type of Europe! I am so angry with all our Irish politicans for putting the Lisbon treaty before us again! There is no honouring of human dignity in Lisbon! I say NO again to Lisbon!"

Jonathan Hunt, England
"Don't be bullied or duped, Ireland. Vote NO for the rest of us who have been denied the democratic right."

Mikael Böök, Finland
"I say YES to a federal EU, but NO to the treaty of Lisbon."

John, Ireland
"WALL STREET JOURNAL EUROPE 26.6.09: In some countries they rig votes, in the European Union they repeat votes to get the desired result. After Ireland last year rejected the EU's Lisbon Treaty - itself a rehashed carbon-copy of the EU Constitution that Dutch and French voters rebuffed in 2005 - the Irish are being asked to reconsider. There will be another referendum in early October, Prime Minister Brian Cowen said Wednesday, and this time the Irish are expected to get it right. In Europe, they don't take 'no' for an answer."

Lukas, Isle of Man
"We in the Isle Of Man, being not technically part of the EU are not able to have any say at all, even in the election of the Uk MEP's but are still expected to go along with the UK and Europe in all the undemocratic decisions made in the EU. Come on Ireland, please do the decent thing yet again and vote NO to this idiocy."

Rafal, Poland
"yes to no"

Sebastian Zachäus, Germany
"I want to live in a democratic, national state. That is what the treacy of Lisbon definetely stands NOT for"

Carlo Gilmour, England
"Please, people of Ireland, have the courage to do what our government is too afraid to allow us to do, stand by your convictions and vote no again."

Tim, Germany
"We've been subjected to union after union in the last hundred years. I want my country to live in peace and freedom for the first time in an age. That age start NOW, with a solid NO."

Nicolas Kokel, France
"Do not yield to non-elected tyrannic european government."

Rick Taylor, England UK
"They're afraid to hold a referendum in the UK because they know very well the result would be a resounding No. The Irish have said No once - why can't they accept that?"

Keith L Nolan, Ireland
"I am truly disgusted that after the last No vote to the Lisbon treaty we have been forced to run a second referendum. The people of France and Nederland have already said no to the European Union constitution only to have their governments ratify it against their wishes. The EU is a great idea but it should be a cultural union which celebrates our common heritage and geographical position while maintaining our individual sovereign identities rather than a U.S. style federation. I will vote No in the face of the enormous pressure that we are being put under to vote yes. The scare tactics and the bullying we are being subjected to is undemocratic and I will resist it. I thank the citizens of other EU states for the support you are giving to us in this difficult time and I only hope that my fellow Irish citizens have the courage to vote with their heart rather than give into the pressure that they are being subjected to."

Göran Gustavsson, Sweden
"Many swedish workers and union-members are following youre campaign and strongly supports a loudful NO to the Lisbon treaty and new liberalism as the law for politics."

G Moore, UK
"NO to the treaty and NO to to the Union. Support and gratitude to the people of Ireland for being the only ones to stand up for the last burning embers of democracy and a proven unjust, failed system."

David, Ireland
"Until all countries can vote I shall say NO"

Curt Lovelace, USA
"As a "western-European American" who has many interests all over Europe, I urge my European friends to reject this slap at each nation's sovereignty."

Nisse Sandqvist, Sweden
"Our Swedish political elite, such as the well-known EU Commissioner Margot Wallström and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, has no respect for our common welfare systems, nor for the European democracy. I hope the Irish vote on 2 October once again will slap the elitists in the face!"

Michael Stone, England
"When Ireland says no again, will the deaf EU ask again?"

Angelo Veronesi, Italy
"Lisbon opens the way to an undemocratic and super centralized Europe, where the principle of subsidiarity has no more meaning."

M Lynge, UK
"Ireland! Please vote 'No' in support of the rest of the voters of Europe who wasn't
given the chance!"

Nick, Italy
"Please vote no and save Europe from bureaucrats."

Steve, Wales
"Here we go again. You gave the wrong answer last time so try again. No means no! If the horrifying outcome is a yes, will there be another vote in 12 months to give the voters another chance? I doubt it. How about best of 3? No? I didn't think so. Go on Ireland! In you we trust! Do the right thing and tell the EU NO TO THE LISBON TREATY!"

JD, Ireland
"Keep up the pressure, JD. NO TO LISBON MEANS NO TO LISBON!"

Nuala, Ireland
"We voted no last year so why do we have to do vote again? No means No!"

Pierre-Yves Bourgeois, France
"In three countries now people have expressed opposition to giving more power to the EU. But the message still hasn't got through. How many 'no' votes do our political leaders need?"

Piotr Romaniak, Poland
"Democracy is a very valuable good that we should cherish. Irish people have already stated their opinion and forcing them to vote twice on the same issue is not democratic."

Arthur Kadish, Latvia
"The Lisbon Treaty represents the unwelcome evolution of an already over-centralised and undemocratic institution - I hope Irish voters take this opportunity to vote it down."

Catinca Hanganu, Romania
"The Lisbon Treaty would give too much power to bureaucrats in Brussels."

Rosamaria Bitetti, Italy
"Why are politicians continuing with this, when the people have already said No? The Lisbon Treaty will give Brussels politicians even more power, and the Irish people clearly understood that the first time."

Charles de Thibault, Belgium
"The Irish people should know they are not alone in opposing Lisbon. Any attempt to bully a country into accepting a Treaty it has already rejected should be forcefully resisted."

Andreas Nikolaus Ludwig, Germany
"The Lisbon Treaty means ever more power for the EU and ever less powers to national authorities. It risks undermining the core principles of democracy, which we rightly cherish so much."

Gustav Fridolin - journalist & author, former Green Party Member of the Swedish Parliament (2002 to 2006)
“We need to say no to the Lisbon Treaty and force the European elites to start working on a different kind of cooperation, on the basis of public participation and democracy.”

Sari Essayah - Christian Democrat Member of the European Parliament, Finland
"The Lisbon Treaty is not in line with the principle of 'subsidiarity'. The treaty shifts too much power to the EU, thus limiting the powers of decision makers at a national level."

David Neyskens - Training & Skills Executive, Belgium
"Ireland is not the only country that has reservations about the Lisbon Treaty. But it was the only country that allowed the public to speak their mind, and they were ignored."

Sandra Muller - Leader of the Citizens Initiative, Germany
"This treaty is being pushed through in the most undemocratic way. When it was called EU Constitution people rejected it, now it is called Lisbon Treaty people rejected it - and still it is being forced upon us."

Gisela Stuart - British Labour MP, former Minister and Member of the Convention on the Future of Europe, which drew up the original EU Constitution
"This treaty gives all the real power to political elites. Citizens become no more than mere spectators. That’s not democracy - we deserve a better Europe than this."

Svetla Kostadinova – Executive Director, Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria
"Like most Europeans, Bulgarians were denied the opportunity to have a referendum, and the Lisbon Treaty was voted on in Parliament after 20 minutes of discussion.  This is unacceptable.”

Dr Oliver Knipping - President of the Institute for Free Enterprise, Berlin
"The majority of Europe's citizens have been prevented from having a say on the Lisbon Treaty. There is no excuse for this and politicians should not get away with it."

Harry van Bommel - Socialist Party MP, the Netherlands
“An Irish ‘no’ would only be logical. The Lisbon Treaty is almost exactly the same as the European Constitution which Dutch people have already rejected.”

Roman Huber - Spokesperson, Mehr Demokratie (More Democracy), Germany
“Making people vote until they give the ‘right’ answer amounts to a fake democratic process. This should not happen in Europe. The Irish have a chance to stop it.”

Petr Mach - Leader of the Party of Free Citizens (SSO), Czech Republic
"Let democratically elected governments implement their own economic and social policies in their countries. Say no to the Lisbon Treaty which would take these democratic powers from individual member states."

Arjen Nijeboer - Spokesman of the Dutch Referendum Platform, the Netherlands:  
“The Lisbon Treaty is virtually the same as the European Constitution. But behind closed doors, European politicians conspired to stop citizens from having a say. They should not get away with it.”

Roland Vaubel - Professor of Economics, Mannheim University, Germany
"The Lisbon Treaty opens the floodgates for more regulation from Brussels. It is a threat to local autonomy, individual freedom and even democracy."

Dr Erik Lakomaa - political consultant and CEO of Erik Lakomaa & Company. Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
“The main problem with Lisbon is that it will give the EU the right to decide on what the EU could decide upon – without having to further consult the people.” 

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