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Europe Says No
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Labour MP: Lisbon 'puts future of democracy at stake'

A former UK government minister has warned that the Lisbon Treaty puts the future of democracy at stake. Labour MP Gisela Stuart - who helped draw up the original EU Constitution, since renamed as the Lisbon Treaty - said that the Treaty breaches the fundamental democratic principle that voters can get rid of those in power ...

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 About us

Europe Says No – No to Lisbon, yes to democracy’ is a pan-European campaign supported by individuals from all over Europe who believe the Lisbon Treaty should be rejected, to make way for a better, more democratic European Union.

We are united in the belief that the Lisbon Treaty is bad for democracy, and is a bad deal for Europe and Ireland. 

Our supporters include:

Harry van Bommel
, Socialist Party MP, the Netherlands

Sari Essayah
, Christian Democrat Member of the European Parliament for Finland

Gustav Fridolin, journalist and author, Sweden.  Former Green Party Member of the Swedish Parliament (2002 to 2006)

Roman Huber
, Spokesperson, Mehr Demokratie (More Democracy), Germany

Svetla Kostadinova
– Executive Director, Institute for Market Economics, Bulgaria

Dr Erik Lakomaa,
political consultant and CEO of Erik Lakomaa & Company. Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics

Petr Mach
- Leader of the Party of Free Citizens (SSO), Czech Republic  

Sandra Müller,
Leader of the Citizens Initiative, Germany

Wolfgang Müller
, Executive Director, Institute for Free Enterprise, Berlin

Arjen Nijeboer,
Spokesman of the Dutch Referendum Platform, the Netherlands

Gisela Stuart, British Labour MP, former Minister and Member of the Convention on the Future of Europe, which drew up the original EU Constitution.

Eline van den Broek
- journalist and political scientist, the Netherlands.  Leader of the Dutch ‘No’ campaign 2005

Roland Vaubel,
Professor of Economics, Mannheim University, Germany

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